SEPTEMBER 7 to 10 2023 - Phone: (905) 983-9510 - Email: [email protected]
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Sunday, September 10th at 9:00 a.m.
Chairperson: Tim Brown (905 242 4521)
Committee: SHawna Peddar, Lisa Robinson
Rules and Regulations:
The goat show is open to all breeds and crossbreeds of goats. Judging will be based on the meat
goat breed standards. Animals entered for exhibition must be on the
fairgrounds by 9am the day of the show and stay until 4pm,
unless given specific permission from the Chairperson. Animals will be subject to a health
inspection prior to exhibiting. All participants are required to complete an Oro- no Fair Exhibitor
form prior to exhibiting. Exhibi-tors who do not enter prior to the date of the show will not be
to exhibit their animal. Exhibitors are asked to wear white shirts, dark pants (black or dark
denim), and closed toe shoes/boots when participating in the classes.
A maximum of 3 goats per class can be entered per exhibitor.
Section A: Youth Open Showmanship Class Participant’s age will be their age as of show date. Entrants are expected to have a designated guardian at the show at all times. Youth are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and appropriate manner at the show. This show is open to goats of all ages
which can be appropriately handled by the youth.
Prize money: $30.00; $25.00; $20.00; $15.00; $10.00; $9.00; $8.00; $7.00; $6.00; $5.00. Ribbons will be awarded to 5th Place.
a) Peewee (8 and under)

b) Novice (9 – 11 yrs.)
c) Junior (12-14 yrs.)
d) Intermediate (15-17 yrs.)
e) Senior (18 -21 yrs.)
f) Championship, Grand and Reserve
Section B: Breeding Does and Doeling Class
This class is open to breeding quality goats (does and doelings).
Prize money: for each section $45.00; $40.00; $30.00; $18.00; $15.00; $12.00; $10.00; $8.00; $7.00; $5.00. Ribbons will be awarded to 5th Place.
a) Junior Kid (0-6 months)
b) Senior Kid (7-12 months)
c) Yearling Does having kidded (1-2 years) Having kidded within the year
d) Mature Does (2-3 years old): Having kidded within the year
e) Aged Does (3 years and older) Having kidded within the year
f) Championship, Grand and Reserve (Junior and Senior combined, Yearling, Mature and Aged Does lasses combined)