SEPTEMBER 5 to 8 2024 - Phone: (905) 983-9510 - Email: [email protected]
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The Orono Agricultural Society is a “Not for Profit” organization, established in 1852. The Society prides itself in hosting family oriented agricultural events and entertainment.

Since its inception in 1851, people have been drawn to the various exhibits, entertainment and competitive events. After being held for many years in Newcastle, the fair moved to its present location in 1895. The Orono Fair is the result of an amalgamation of the West Durham Agricultural and the Clark Agricultural Societies in 1932. As a result of this union, the Durham Central Agricultural Society was established. On January 19th 2011 the society name changed once again and is now known as Orono Agricultural Society. Thus change in name was to enable our fair to be found easier on the net search, as well there is a county called Durham in Western Ontario which posed difficult to distinguish between the two fairs.