SEPTEMBER 5 to 8 2024 - Phone: (905) 983-9510 - Email: [email protected]
Amassador competition 16-17
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grace goat
Demo Cross


Sunday September 8th

Registration at 10 a.m. closes at 11 a.m.
Chairperson: Terry Gilroy [email protected]
Committee: Ben Smith, Phil Mcleod
Entry fee: $5.00
Prize money: $40, $30, $20
This is an OPEN show!  It is also the Durham East 4-H Club Achievement Show!

Weight Classes

Under 600 lbs stock and altered 801 lbs to 1000 lbs (Modified)
601 lbs to 800 lbs stock and altered 1001 lbs to 1200 lbs (Modified)
801 lbs to 1000 lbs stock and altered Diesel Class
1001 to 1200 lbs stock and altered


Rules & Guidelines

  1. All tractors must be fitted with anti-tip bars that are 5 inches off the ground and 5 inches beyond the rear tires. Must be strong enough to support tractor and pass inspection.
  2. Helmets, long pants (coveralls are okay), and approved safety footwear are mandatory at each pull/ at some pulls, safety glasses are needed.
  3. All tractors will be weighed in with the driver to determine which class they will pull in. Each tractor will be weighed again after each individual pull (5lb. variance allowed)
  4. Any additional weights added to the tractor must be fastened securely (example: wheel weights). Rear weights CANNOT be past the back edge of the rear tire.
  5. The yellow rope marks track boundary, if any part of your tractor crosses the rope, you will be red flagged, and a measurement taken from where you stop.
  6. All tractors with turf or atv tires may run in all classes, Tractors with a cut tire must run in the modified classes.
  7. A tractor can only pull in 2 classes; if you win a class, you will have the option to move up into the next class but cannot add weight to your tractor.
  8. If your tractor is running over 4000rpm you must have a belt guard or clutch guard to prevent flying debris.
  9. All tractors must have a draw bar in good condition, no more than 13” off the ground. All tractors must have a clevis secured to the drawbar.
  10. Members 16 years and under must have an adult accompany them to all pulls.
  11. All pullers must remain seated properly while pulling. ABSOLUTELY NO WIGGLING, BOUNCING, OR SHIFTING OF WEIGHT ON THE SEAT. NO HANDS-ON FENDERS.
  12. All engines CANNOT be more than 20hp and the only modification can be exhausting pipes and fuel. If other modifications are made tractors will be in the modified classes. (see bottom of page)
  13. Governors CANNOT be altered and MUST BE OPERATIONAL (will be checked)
  14. Tractors cannot have an RPM higher than 4000, tractors will be checked.
  15. All drivers are to watch and obey the flag person at the end of the track at all times.
  16. If you power shift during a pull and the tractor comes to a stop between shifts, you will be measured from where you shift or receive the red flag.
  17. Once the tractors are signed into the pull and weighed, they are not to leave the marshalling area.