SEPTEMBER 5 to 8 2024 - Phone: (905) 983-9510 - Email: [email protected]
Amassador competition 16-17
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Demo Cross


Chairpersons: Suzanne Robinson 905-987-3805 & Heather Qualtrough 905-983-1066

Committee Members: Anne Cawker, Helen Cartier, Kim Glassford, Linda Hansen, Christina Kelderman, Michelle McKelvie, Gail McKenzie, lan McKenzie, Julie Plath, David Staples, Andrea Wallis.

Entry Rules:

  1. All entries must be the work of the exhibitor, and not previously shown at this Fair. Entries must have exhibitor tags signed by a teacher or parent who supervised the work.
  2. Elementary & High School exhibitors shall enter in grade categories as of June 1st, 2024.
  3. No entry shall compete in more than one class and no exhibitor may make more than one entry in any one class.
  4. Exhibits may be placed in the arena in the Elementary and High School Section between 3:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 4th and Thursday, September 5th before 10:00am and remain until 4:00 p.m. Sunday, September 8th. The Fair Board will not be responsible for work left after 5:00pm Sunday.
  5. All entries must be entered online with AssistExpo or via mail-in entry form. Exhibitor tags may be picked up at the fair office when you bring in your entries  on September 4th or 5th.
  6. For any questions or for assistance, call: Suzanne Robinson 905-987-3805 or email: [email protected]
  7. Please follow all restrictions (i.e., size, numbers etc.) carefully and have your exhibitor tags properly filled out and firmly attached in order to avoid being disqualified.
    8. Junior exhibitors (17 and under) are exempt from paying a membership fee. Once the Fair Secretary has received entries, a membership number will be assigned and used on the exhibition tags. Please find more details under “Exhibitors Information” on

Please note: Junior exhibitors (17 and under) are encouraged to look for additional items and articles beyond the school prize list to enter. Please check out the complete Orono Fair Exhibitor Book, in areas such as the Pet Show, Culinary Arts, Cultural Expressions, various animal classes, Vegetables & Fruit, Plants & Flowers, Art, Woodworking, and others.

Parents’ & Teachers’ Note: Please assist your students to observe size restrictions and directives, i.e., printing vs. writing. Individual work only, except in science projects.


***Space must be reserved*** by emailing

Suzanne Robinson before August 31st
[email protected] or call 905-987-3805. Please leave a message with school and contact name.

1. Display area: Board 8’ by 4’ with table space below.

  1. Display of Daily School Work and activities, i.e., printing/ writing, art, posters, crafts, projects etc., special events. What are you doing that makes your school special?
  2. Each display must include school name.
  3. Student work entered in any of the Elementary School classes for judging are NOT to be included in the actual school display. Teachers or parent assistants may bring student work for judging when you bring your display.
  4. Displays do not require that the student completing the work be named, if as a school you wish to display the student’s name, you may.
  5. Must be arranged by teachers/helpers on Wednesday Sept 4th before 8:00pm and removed promptly but not before 4:00 pm on Sunday September 8th.

Please note: 2024 Fair Theme:

“Harvesting Tradition, Cultivating Innovation: 170 Years of Agricultural Excellence.”

Note also: In ALL categories, work may be entered in English or French.


(Display only; ribbons will be given to all Pre-School exhibitors)

1a. Drawing; theme “Drawing of ME.”
1b. Hand or Footprint art.
2. Creation using, playdough, modeling clay, etc.
3. My Favourite Craft, (your choice)
4. Decorated paper plate i.e., face, clock, mask etc.
5. Largest Maple Leaf

KINDERGARTEN JR. and SR. underline please

Prizes: $3.50; $3.25; $3.00; $2.75


  1. Paper bag puppet.
  2. Creation or drawing – “FARM ANIMALS”
  3. Cut and Paste picture  – not to exceed 30cmx 45cm.
  4. Toilet Paper Roll creation
  5. Create a picture, using shapes (circles, squares, etc.)
  6. Drawing of “ME”
  7. Your favourite craft.

13 Creation using Fabric or Yarn.

GRADE 1 and 2 underline please
Prizes: $3.50; $3.25; $3.00; $2.75


  1. Grade 1 – Printing in pencil using lined paper:
    Hens give eggs.
    Pigs give ham.
    Cows give milk.
    Bees give honey.

Goats give cheese.
Strawberries give jam.
Farms give food.
I’d like some, please!
15. Grade 2 – Printing in pencil using lined paper.
Chickens, kittens, piglets too.
Donkeys, horses, cows that moo.
Fish that swim down in the pond.
Ducklings quacking all day long.
All these things you can see.
If you go to the farm with me.
16a. GRADE 1 – Picture showing contrast e.g., light vs dark, small vs. large.
16b. GRADE 2 – Create a picture (any media) that suggests movement/rhythm or repetition.
17. General Artwork drawing, colouring, painting etc.
18. Child as author – story, journal entry with or without picture.
19. Make a lamb out of marshmallows, display on a paper plate.
20. Display of fruits and/or vegetables using any modeling media, i.e., modeling clay, plasticene
21. Drawing of ‘ME’
22. Create a card or poster titled “Welcome to The Fair.”
23. Drawing of a Community Helper
24. Any schoolwork not listed.

GRADE 3 and 4

Prizes: $3.50; $3.25; $3.00; $2.75

  1. Grade 3 – Cursive Writing, or Printing in pencil using lined paper:
    “Wake,” said the sunshine,
    “And creep to the light.”
    “Wake”, said the voice
    Of the raindrops bright.
    The little plant heard
    And it rose to see,
    What the wonderful,
    Outside world might be.
    26. Grade 4 – Cursive Writing or Printing in pencil on lined paper:
    When the farmer’s day is done,
    In the barnyard, everyone,
    The cow says, “Moo!”
    The pigeon says, “Coo!”
    The sheep says, “Baa!”
    The lamb says, “Maa!”
    The horse says, “Neigh! I love the hay!”
    Then the farmer says, “Goodnight!”
    And locks the barn up tight.
    27. Social Studies or Science Project (group or individual)
    28. Print making – any media – not to exceed 30 cm. x 45 cm.
    29. Create a picture (any media) using only warm colours and/or cool colours
    30. A piece of artwork demonstrating “Foreground, Middle ground and Background”.
    31. Artwork depicting the style of a particular artist, with the skill and characteristics and the artists name you are trying to portray.
    32. Child as author – story or journal entry.
    33. Artwork depicting all 4 seasons.
    34. 3D creation or model
    35. Drawing of ‘ME’.
    36. Any schoolwork not listed.GRADES 5 and 6
    Prizes: $3.50; $3.25; $3.00; $2.75
  2. Drawing of ‘ME’ Head to Toe (demonstrate proper proportion)
    38. An original 3 to 6 frame comic strip.
    39. Poster or Project re: Indigenous Focus
    40. Cursive Writing or Printing in pen or pencil using lined paper: The Song My Paddle Sings(excerpt) by Emily Pauline Johnson
    West wind, blow from your prairie nest,
    Blow from the mountains, blow from the west.
    The sail is idle, the sailor too;

    O! wind of the west, we wait for you.
    Blow, blow!
    I have wooed you so,
    But never a favour you bestow.

    You rock your cradle the hills between,
    But scorn to notice my white lateen.
    I stow the sail, unship the mast:

    I wooed you long but my wooing’s past;
    My paddle will lull you into rest.
    O! drowsy wind of the drowsy west,
    Sleep, sleep,
    By your mountain steep,
    Or down where the prairie grasses sweep!
    Now fold in slumber your laggard wings,
    For soft is the song my paddle sings.
    41. Drawing focusing on the Element of Line
    42. Child as author i.e., poetry, a book report, a story etc.
    43. Create a design i.e., patterning, transformations, or tessellations.
    44. Any project: from subject areas Science, Social Studies, or French (Group or Individual)
    45. Any schoolwork not listed.

    GRADES 7 and 8

    Prizes: $3.50; $3.25; $3.00; $2.75
  3. Draw or paint a picture using repetition of line and/or colour to create rhythm.
    47. A pen and ink drawing.
    48. Artwork; any medium in the style of a famous artist or Art Movement i.e., Van Gogh or Impressionism
    49. Drawing of ‘ME’
    50. French project, i.e., poster, comic strip, written assignment etc. (Ecrive en Francais)
    51. A project “Black History, Black Future”
    52. Create a drawing in ‘perspective’ or a scaled image.
    53. 3D Creation – any medium
    54. Geography or Science assignment: i.e., mapping project, or cell diagram etc.
    55. Media Literacy Project: either hard copy or digital, i.e., advertisement in form or commercial, brochure, video etc.
    56. Any schoolwork not listed.HIGH SCHOOL
    Prizes: $3.50; $3.25; $3.00; $2.75

High School students are encouraged to refer to the complete Fair Book prize list for additional areas and articles to enter.
57. ART: Grade 9 – 12: Artwork – any media 2D or 3D
58. WOODSHOP: Grade 9 – 12: A small woodworking project i.e., box, treasure chest etc.
59. Science: project or model: i.e., optical device, model of cell or heart, etc.
60. Project with Indigenous Focus.
61. French project: i.e., scrapbook or another item
62. Fashion/Sewing – small article of sewing i.e., pincushion, apron, top, quilt, sock monkey etc.
63: Poetry Composed by student
64. PROJECT: Black History/Black Futures

  1. Essay or Book review
  2. Poster-LGBTQ+ Focus
  3. Media literacy project: Preferably hard copy, may be
    digital. i.e., power point, commercial etc.

For LLS students only:
68a. Any Artwork
68b. Project of choice

Prizes: $3.50; $3.25; $3.00; $2.75


All food items to be displayed on sturdy paper/plastic plates and in a clear plastic bag. Open to Kindergarten to Grade 8. Where there are 8 or more entries, these will be divided into the following grades: K-4 and 5 – 8.


  1. Design your own video game cover i.e., Minecraft, Mario Brothers, or an original game etc.
  2. 3D item: i.e., paper sculpture or wire, popsicle sticks, soap sculpture etc.
  3. Pretzel creation, displayed on a paper plate
  4. Creation Zentangle or Mandala
  5. Design a bracelet or necklace
  6. A homemade kite, may be decorated in any style.
  7. 3 to 5 handmade flowers displayed in a container.
  8. Decorate a wooden spoon
    77. Craft made with coffee filters.
  9. Grade K – 4: ORAGAMI.
  10. Grade 5 – 8: Table Centerpiece using Recycled Items.
  11. Inukshuk – Not to exceed 30 cm. in any direction (MUST be securely constructed).
  12. Collection of Environmental items attractively arranged and labeled. i.e., leaves, rocks, cones, wildflowers etc.
  13. Grade K – 4: Make a Sensory Bottle. Maximum 2-liter bottle.
    83. Grade 5 – 8: Make a Sensory Board Maximum size 30cm. x 45cm.
    84. Decorated Rock
    85. Painting not to exceed 30 x 45 cm i.e., landscape, portrait or still life
    86. SNOWGLOBE.
    87. Lego models or similar products: Theme “In the Air” i.e., planes, rockets, helicopters, hot air balloon etc. (Note: must be an original design – any use of purchased kits is forbidden). No more than 38cm. in any direction.
    88. A homemade item: i.e., birdfeeder/bird house, Kubcar, doll, stuffed animal, etc.
  14. Tie dye a T-shirt.
  15. Freestanding or relief Plasticene, playdough or polymer clay sculpture. Theme: Farm animals
    91. Build a creature using breakfast cereal
    92. Your favourite brownies, iced, 2 on a plate.
    93. Cupcakes x3-Decorated with ‘Celebration Theme’SPECIALS

Sponsored by Orono Horticultural Society

Prizes: $3.50; $3.25; $3.00; $2.75
94. A bouquet for the Ambassador in a jar. Your choice of greenery and cut flowers.
95. A houseplant or potted cutting.
96. Mobile made from natural materials
97. Favourite fruit or vegetable painted on a rock

Donated by Gail McKenzie

Prizes: 1st $7.00, 2nd $5.00, 3rd $3.00,

Categories: “Understanding Nature”
98. A poster to illustrate “Act Locally, Think Globally”; Illustrate 5 ways we can each help stop environmental damage (judged on originality of ideas and the quality of art).
99. A poster to illustrate ‘How Bees Help Us’
100. Make an insect habitat ie. Beehive, Bug Hotel, Ladybug Lounge, etc.


Donated by Margaret Henderson.

Prizes: 1st $7.00, 2nd $5.00, 3rd $3.00.
Use your imagination to create a Fairy Garden in a container. Creation not to exceed 15” in any direction.

101) Grades K – 4

102) Grades 5 – 8

Donated by Apple Blossom Flowers, Merissa Beckstead

Prizes: 1st $8.00 2nd $6.00 3rd $4.00 4th $2.00

Create a mosaic or creative article from natural items, i.e.: seeds, cones, pressed flowers etc.
103. Grades K – 4
104. Grades 5 – 8

Donated by Ray Bishay, Orono

Prizes: 1st $7.00, 2nd $5.00. 3rd $3.00.
Article of MACRAME
105. Grades K-4
106. Grades 5-8

Prize money: 1st $8.00, 2nd $6.00, 3rd $4.00, 4th $2.00
Artwork depicting a “Historic Orono Landmark” or “A Fair Memory from the Past”. Please title this and/or give a brief explanation.
107.  Grades K – 4
108.  Grades 5 – 8
109.  High School

Donated by B & W Enterprises
Prizes: $15.00 for boy and girl with the highest number of points in each of the designated class divisions. Must have at least 2 winning entries.
110.  TOP GIRL
111. TOP BOY