SEPTEMBER 9 to 12 2021 - Phone: (905) 983-9510 - Email: [email protected]

Orono Fair

September 9th - 12th 2021

A Small Town With A Big Heart

Celebrating 169 years of the Orono Fair

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YOUTH POSTER COMPETITION “Original Hand Made Design”


A) Junior – Up to and including Grade 4
B) Intermediate – Includes Grade 5 to Grade 8
C) Senior – Includes Grade 9 to Grade 12 level

Entry Rules:
1. “Promoting Your Fair” — Name and date of our fair must be clearly shown.
2. Must be hand drawn *********. No raised items — must lay flat.
3. Poster size: Minimum – 22 cm x 28 cm, without border to a Maximum – 28 cm x 44 cm, without border.
4. Designed Poster must be centered on CARDSTOCK or BRISTOL BOARD exposing a 5.5cm border on all sides.
5. Name and address of creator of poster, grade and  school attended, to be clearly labeled on the back of  each entry.

2019 Fair Theme: “Connecting Country & Community”
PRIZE: 1st $5; 2nd $4; 3rd $3
Sponsored by Orono Agricultural Society

Winners will go to the District 4 competition. District winners are eligible to enter the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies competition in February in Toronto
OAAS Judging Standards
1. Overall Appearance – 50 points
2. Hand Drawn – 35 points
3. Size, material, fair theme – 15 points

PRIZE: for Junior, Intermediate & Senior Categories
1st $25.00; 2nd $15.00; 3rd $10.00
Sponsored by Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies

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