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YOUTH POSTER COMPETITION “Original Hand Made Design”

CLASSES: A) Junior – Up to and including Grade 4
B) Intermediate – Includes Grade 5 to Grade 8
C) Senior – Includes Grade 9 to Grade 12 level
Entry Rules:
1. “Promoting Your Fair” — Name and date of our fair must be clearly shown.
2. Must be hand drawn *********. No raised items — must lay flat.
3. Poster size: Minimum – 22 cm x 28 cm, without border to a Maximum – 28 cm x 44 cm, without border.
4. Designed Poster must be centered on CARDSTOCK or BRISTOL BOARD exposing a 5.5cm border on all sides.
5. Name and address of creator of poster, grade and school attended, to be clearly labeled on the back of each entry.
Sponsored by Ontario Association of Agricultural
Societies. Winners will go to the District 4
competition. District winners are eligible to enter the provincial competition.
2018 Fair Theme: “Country Nights and Carnival Lights”

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