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“Thirty-Eigth Annual”
Friday, September 7th
Chairperson: ……………………..Shirley Severn 905-623-0553
[email protected]
Commencing at 7:30 p.m. on the Arena Stage
Registration at Fair Office
Fiddlers’ Contest Rules:
1. NEW NOVICE CLASS Contestant must be 10 years of age and under and competed less than 3 times in any Ontario fiddle competition. One piece will be played in the choice of 3/4, 6/8, 2/4 or 4/4 time.
2. All other classes must play in Old Time style: a waltz 3/4 time, a jig 6/8 time and a hoedown (reel, breakdown, or hornpipe) 2/4 or 4/4 time. Duet class will play a waltz and tune of choice.
3. Each contestant may enter only one class (except for Duet). ONCE REGIS-TERED CANNOT CHANGE
4. In case of accident (e.g. broken string or power failure) beyond contestant’s con-trol, a replay will be allowed.
5. Each contestant will be allowed one in-strument (chord only) for accompani-ment. A house accompanist will be available for those who do not have their own.
6. Players are to be ready when called.
7. Marks can be picked up after the presen-tation of their class. All judges decisions are final. Judges will award points on the basis of Timing, Dance ability, Tone,
Accuracy and Old Time style.
8. The order of play will be determined by first to register, last to perform. Con-testants must register prior to the start of their class.
CLASSES (in order)
The contest will begin at 7:30pm with the following classes. Please note rules on previous page.
*NEW* 10 and under novice
1st $30.00 and trophy
2nd $20.00
3rd $10.00
* $5.00 gratuity for all non-winners
* Recognition of youngest fiddler
12 and under
1st $60.00 and trophy
2nd $40.00
3rd $30.00
* $5.00 gratuity for all non-winners
18 and under
1st $100.00 and trophy
2nd $75.00
3rd $50.00
19 to 59
1st $100.00 and trophy
2nd $75.00
3rd $50.00
60 and over
1st $100.00 and trophy
2nd $75.00
3rd $50.00
Kevin Crago—late Calvin & Dorothy
Doug & Lynn Rutherford—late Bob & Audrey
Bunting Family—late Bill & Mary
Morris Funeral Company, Bowmanville
Alec and Marilyn Martin
Thanks to all sponsors for helping to keep our Heritage Music alive.

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