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** (Please do not include entries from this Prize List on the Fair entry forms attached with the Fair book) **
Chairpersons: ………………………Gail McKenzie 905-983-9542,Heather Qualtrough 905-983-1066
Committee Members: Sheila Bek, Anne Cawker, Helen Cartier, Linda Hansen, lan McKenzie, Julie Plath, Sharon and David Staples, Andrea Wallis, Rob Wallis. Christina Kelderman, Michelle McKelvie,
Entry Rules:
1. All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor, and not previously shown at this Fair. Exhibits must have entry
tags signed by a teacher or parent who supervised the work.
2. Elementary & high school exhibitors shall enter in grade categories as of June 1st 2018.
3. No exhibit shall compete in more than one class and no exhibitor may make more than one entry in any one class.
4. Exhibits may be placed in the arena in the Elementary Section between 3:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 and remain until 4:00 p.m. Sunday, September 9th, 2018. All exhibits must be in the building before 10:00 a.m. Thursday, September
6th, 2018.
5. All entries must be entered on an entry tag which may be picked up at the Fair building when you bring in your entries on September 5th or 6th, 2018.
6. For any questions or to obtain entry tags in advance, call: Gail McKenzie at 905-983-9542 or email [email protected]
7. Please follow all restrictions (i.e. size, numbers etc.) carefully and have your entry tags properly filled out and firmly attached in order to avoid being disqualified.
8. No advance entry required for the school prize list. Please note: If other things beyond the school prize list are of interest to junior exhibitors (17 and under), please check out the complete Orono Fair Prize List. Check out areas such as the pet show, culinary arts, cultural
expressions, various animal classes, vegetables & fruit, plants & flowers, art, woodworking and others. Junior exhibitors are exempt from paying the membership fee but must fill out an entry form and send it to the fair secretary. The society will assign a membership number which will be used on the exhibition tags in all classes EXCEPT the school list. Please find information under Exhibitor Registration Procedures and each of the categories.
The Fair Board will not be responsible for work left after 4:30pm, Sunday September 9th
Parents & Teachers Note: Please assist your students to observe size restrictions and directives i.e. printing vs. writing. Individual work only, except in science projects.
*****Space must be reserved**** by emailing Gail McKenzie
before August 31st @ [email protected] or call
905-983-9542. Leave a message with your school and contact name and phone number.
1. Display area: Board 8’ by 4’ with table space below
2. Display of Daily School Work and activities, i.e. printing/writing, art, posters, crafts, projects etc., special events. What are you doing that makes your school special?
3. Each display must include school name
4. Pupil’s work entered in any of the elementary school classes for judging are NOT to be included in the actual school display.
5. Displays do not require that the student completing the work be named, if as a school you wish to display the student’s name, you may.
Must be arranged by teachers/helpers on Wednesday Sept. 5th before 8:00pm and REMOVED promptly and not before 4:00 pm on Sunday Sept.9th.
Please note: 2018 Fair Theme “Country Nights and Carnival Lights”
(Display Only)
Ribbons will be given to exhibitors.
1. Drawing of my Family
1a. Trace your hand or foot and decorate it.
2. Creation using, playdough, modeling clay, etc
3. My favourite craft, (your choice)
4. Decorated paper plate ie. Face, clock, mask etc.
4a. Largest Maple Leaf
Prizes: $1.50; $1.25; $1.00; $.75
5. Paper bag puppet.
6. Creation or drawing – Canadian Themed i.e. flag,
animal, symbol
7. Cut and Paste picture using shapes – not to exceed
30cmx 45cm
8. Egg carton creation
9. Mask ie: paper plate, bag etc.
10. Creation or picture showing a pattern.
11. Drawing of “me”
12. Your favourite craft.
13a. Pipecleaner creation i.e. spider, butterfly or others.
13b. Artwork created with your name using any material
(Suggestions; marshmallows, bread tags, cherrios etc)
GRADE 1 and 2
Prizes: $1.50; $1.25; $1.00; $ .75
14. Grade 1 – Printing in pencil using lined paper.
M is for Maple, our national leaf,
and the Sugar and the Silver
that thrive in the East.
15. Grade 2 – Printing in pencil using lined paper.
G stands for grain
and the valleys of wheat
that ripple through the prairies
in the dry, summer heat.
16a. Create a picture, using shapes (circles, squares,
triangles, etc.)
16b. Create a picture (any media) that suggests movement
17. General Artwork drawing, colouring, painting etc.
18. Child as author – story, Journal entry with or without
picture ETC..
19. A 3D creation.
20. Modeling using any modeling media, ie modeling clay, plasticene etc.
21. A puppet.
22. Create a card or poster titled
“Happy Birthday Canada”
23. Draw a map of your choice i.e. treasure, land, house layout, fire plan
24. Any school work not listed.
GRADE 3 and 4
Prizes: $1.50; $1.25; $1.00; $ .75
25. Grade 3 Cursive Writing (or Printing) in pencil using
lined paper. This land is your land,
This land is my land,
From Bonavista, to Vancouver Island,
From the Arctic Circle, to the Great Lake waters,
This land was made for you and me.
26. Grade 4-Cursive Printing or Writing in pencil on
lined paper O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all of us command.
Car ton bras sait porter l’épée,
Il sait porter la croix!
27. Social Studies Project, i.e. timeline, pioneers,
medieval times etc.
28. Print making – any media – not to exceed
30 cm. x 45 cm.
29. Create a picture (any media) using only warm colours and/or cool colours
30. A piece of artwork demonstrating “Foreground, Middle ground and Background”.
31. Write new song lyrics for the Frère Jacques”,” Are You Sleeping” on a theme of anything Canadian either en Français or in English
32. Child as author — story or journal entry.
33. A poem or collection or booklet of original poetry
34. 3D creation or model
35 A Poster or Project on something or someone
Canadian i.e. Person, Place, Thing.
36a Artwork depicting the style of a particular artist, with the skill and characteristics and the artists name you are trying to portray.
36b Any school work not listed.
GRADES 5 and 6
Prizes: $1.50; $1.25; $1.00; $ .75
37. Artwork displaying perspective, (i.e. appearance of distance and/or depth).
38. Project of your choice. A) Poster B) Portraits
C) Artwork
39. Poster or Project re “someone or something
Canadian i.e. Person, Place, Thing
40. Cursive Writing (or Printing) in pen or pencil using lined paper.
In Flanders Fields by John McCrae 1872 – 1918
In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place, and in the sky,
The larks, still bravely singing, fly,
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the dead; short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe!
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high!
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
41. Drawing focusing on the Element of Line
42. Child as author i.e. your speech, a book report,
a story etc.
43. Create a design i.e. patterning, transformations or
44. Any project: from subject areas Science, Social
Studies or French
45. Poetry, any style, composed by student, printed on computer.
46 Any school work not listed.
GRADES 7 and 8
Prizes: $2.00; $1.75; $1.50; $1.25
47. Draw or paint a picture using repetition of line and/or colour to create rhythm
48. A pen and ink drawing.
49. Artwork; any medium in the style of a famous
artist or art Movement i.e.Van Gogh or Impressionism
50. Portrait of a person
51. French project; i.e. poster, comic strip, written
assignment etc. (Ecrive en Francais)
52. A project “A great Canadian Person, Place or
Historical Event”
53. Create a drawing in ‘perspective’ or a scaled image
54. Cursive Writing
“That’s Canada to Me” by Mike Ulmer
From Atlantic to Pacific, from St. John’s to B.C.,
there’s a place like no other, that’s Canada to me.
We are new maples growing tall, our roots cross time and seas,
to countries all the world around, that’s Canada to me.
We weren’t the first to walk this land, it’s written in
history that Natives helped newcomers live, that’s Canada to me.
Our flag is red, then white, then red, we all take pride to see different colours standing side by side, that’s Canada to me.
We all feel the winter’s frosty bite and summer’s
welcome breeze.
We love the land, canoes and camps, that’s Canada to me.
So meet me where the Mounties ride and lighthouses line the sea.
Where hockey’s king, and kindness lives, that’s Canada to me.
55. Geography or Science assignment: i.e. mapping
project, or cell diagram etc.
56. Media Literacy Project: Either hard copy or digital.
i.e. advertisement in form or commercial, brochure, video etc.
57. Any school work not listed.
Prizes: $2.00; $1.75; $1.50; $1.25
High School students should also refer to the complete fair prize list for areas to enter.
58. ART Grade 9 – 12: Artwork – any media 2D or 3D
59. WOODSHOP Grade 9 – 12: A small woodworking
project i.e. box, treasure chest etc.
60. Science: project or model: i.e. optical device, model
of cell or heart etc.
61. GEOGRAPHY / HISTORY i.e. Map of Canada or
Poster, Trench Systems etc.
62. French project: i.e. scrapbook or other item
63. Fashion/ sewing – Small article of sewing i.e. pincushion,
apron, top, quilt, sock monkey etc.
64: Poetry Composed by student
65. Brochure any subject
66. Essay or Book review
67. Poster
68. Invent a board game / game
69. Media literacy project: Preferably hard copy, may be
digital. i.e. powerpoint, commercial etc.
70. For LLS students only: A) artwork B) project of choice
Note: All food items to be displayed on sturdy paper/plastic
plates and in a clear plastic bag.
(Open to Kindergarten to Grade 8) .
Prizes: $2.50; $2.25; $2.00; $1.75
** Baking may be picked up Saturday, September 8th at
5:00 p.m. **
Where entry numbers warrant, these will be divided into the
following grades: K-4 and 5 – 8.
71. Design your own video game cover ie; minecraft, Mario
brothers or an original game etc.
72. 3 D item: i.e. paper sculpture or wire, popsicle sticks,
soap sculpture etc.
73. Cupcake creations (3 on a plate)
74. Grow your own crystals in a small jar. i.e from salt,
sugar, borax etc. No purchased kits..
75. Design a bracelet or necklace
(A) Grade K – 4
(B) Grade 5 – 8
76. A homemade kite, may be decorated in any style.
77. “Invent-a-Vegetable” – An illustration of your invention
using characteristics of your favorite food(s).
78. Decorate a wooden spoon
79. Paper Machee or ceramic article – not over 40cm.
80a. Grade K – 4: A handmade Alphabet Booklet of at least
5 hand-drawn, named, Ontario grown fruits and/or
81b. Grade 5 – 8: Collage of 10 different ways to use Milk
with pictures, and a recipe for one of the items.
82. Stone painted to be an animal or flower
83. Collection of Environmental items attractively
arranged and labeled. i.e. leaves, rocks, cones,
wildflowers etc.
84. Marshmallow character on a plate.
85. Make a collage showing farm animals raised in
Clarington/ Durham County
86. Your favourite muffins 2 on a plate.
87. Painting not to exceed 30 x 45 cm i.e. landscape,
portrait or still life
88. Create something useful from a recycled item.
89. Lego models or similar products: A farm implement or
building. (Note: must be an orig¬inal design – any use
of purchased kits is forbidden). No more than 38cm. in
any direction.
90. A homemade item: ie; birdfeeder/bird house, Kubcar,
doll, stuffed animal, etc.
91. Decorate a T-shirt with a Fair theme, i.e. balloons,
tractors, bunnies etc.
92. Freestanding or relief Plasticene, playdough or polymer
clay sculpture.
93. Your favourite Cookies: 4 cookies, displayed in a
container decorated by the child, suitable to be given
as a gift.
Sponsored by Orono Horticultural Society
Category 94,95 &96
Prizes: $1.50; $1.25; $1.00; $ .50
94. ”Flower Pie” –cut flowers inseted into a wet sand base.
(pie plate)
95. “Maple Key Insect” attached to a paper.
96. “Crafty Creature” i.e. using a fruit , vegetable or natural
9 7 . “ F o und Treasures on a Walk” items suitably displayed.
Note : Home grown flowers, wildflowers, grasses, cones,
seeds, nuts, vegetables etc. may be used for these
competitions. (These may also be entered in the Orono
Horticultural Society, Fall Show)
Hamiltons Insurance Special
Donated by Hamiltons Insurance Service Ltd.
-Eleanor Dammant
Special prize money for boy and girl with the highest number
of points in each of the designated class division. Must
have more than 2 winning entries.
98a. TOP BOY
Prize money: 1st $8.00, 2nd $6.00, 3rd $4.00, 4th $3.00
Categories: “Understanding Nature”
99. A poster to illustrate “Water conservation and /or
Protection”. It will be judged on originality of ideas and
the quality of art.
100. A poster or collage/map, illustrating Family
Emergency Plan i.e. Fire plan,
101. Make An Emergency Car Kit in a shoebox. i.e. safety
items, keep busy kit etc.
Donated by Margaret Henderson.
Prize money: 1st $7.00 , 2nd $5.00, 3rd $3.00.
The best decorated cake showing a Fair Theme.
Decoration only is judged.
102. Grades K – 4
103. Grades 5 – 8
Prize donation from the Apple Blossom Shop,
-Yvonne Maitland
Create a mosaic or creative article from natural items, i.e.: seeds, cones, pressed flowers etc.
104. Grades K – 4
105. Grades 5-8
Store Credit donated by Tino Montopoli, Orono, First and second prize for a collection of 3 of my best snapshots with title for each picture. If there are sufficient entries this will be divided as:
106. Grades K-4
107. Grades 5-8

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