SEPTEMBER 9 to 12 2021 - Phone: (905) 983-9510 - Email: [email protected]

Orono Fair

September 9th - 12th 2021

A Small Town With A Big Heart

Celebrating 169 years of the Orono Fair

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Friday, September 6th at 7:00 p.m.
Committee: David Robinson 905-987-3805, Bob Dillon, Jeff Dillon, Brian Dillon,Terry Hollingsworth,
Bill Glassford, Darren Ayre, Jacob Robinson

Prize Money – Light Horse: $270.00; $245.00; $220.00;
$195.00; $170.00; $160.00 plus $95.00 for each additional entry.

Prize Money – Heavy Horse: $270.00; $245.00; $220.00;
$195.00; $170.00; $160.00 plus $95.00 for each additional entry.

Rules and Regulations:
1. At all CCHPA Fair Board Pulls the Owners and Teamster must be participating members of the CCHPA and in good standing.
2. All Teamsters /owners shall have proof of current liability insurance for “horse pulling” in the amount of $2,000,000.00.
3. (A) All judges must be sanctioned by the CCHPA. In the event there is NO sanctioned judge at a pull the members in attendance may select a person and temporarily sanction him/her for that contest only.
(B) Judges shall interpret the operating rules of the CCHPA pulling contest from the beginning of the actual pull until the end of the actual pull (last team has pulled).
4. There shall be no alcoholic beverages, prods or electrical devices used by teamster, helpers or officials while at the pull.

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