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Chairperson: Grant Greenwood 905-983-6312


September 6, 7, 8, 9, 2018
This display is for antique tractors and equipment, hit and miss” engines, vintage lawn tractors, vintage snowmobiles and any other older relevant historical items you would like to display. These items can be
brought for display starting on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning prior to the opening of the fair. No prior membership or registration is required. Exhibitors will be required to purchase a $10.00
membership to the Orono Agricultural Society at the time of registration which will include an exhibitor’s pass to the fair. The fair is open until 4 p.m. on Sunday and it is expected that the exhibits will remain
on the fairgrounds until closing time.
Featuring Massey Harris/Massey Ferguson Tractors and Equipment: At this year’s show, Massey Harris/ Massey Ferguson will be displayed as the featured manufacturer and everyone is encouraged to bring
their Massey tractors and equipment. Awards will be given for the best displays. For more information contact display organizers, Al Davidson (905-623-8409 or [email protected]) or Charlie
Harris (905-983-5162 or [email protected])
Lawn Mowers and Lawn Tractors: There will be a display of vintage lawn mowers and lawn tractors and everyone is encouraged to bring theirs. There will be awards for the best displays. For more information,
please contact display organizer Ray White at (416) 688-8804 or [email protected]

Saturday, September 8, 12:30 p.m. in front of grandstand.

See Pulling Demonstration Rules below for details. In addition, tractors from the model years 1960-1969 are also allowed to pull for “demonstration purposes (no awards will be provided). These tractors will be
subject to the same pulling rules. Orono Heritage Tractor Club Antique Tractor Pulling Demonstration Rules 2018 The following pulling demonstration rules have been developed in the interest of preserving and displaying antique tractors. It is anticipated that all persons participating in pulling demonstration events will accept these rules for this purpose and in the spirit which they were intended.
1. Must be of a model/series that was manufactured in 1959 or prior.
2. History of tractor is to be provided for announcer.
3. Tractor to pull in one class only. Class winner may be allowed to move up to the next class and will pull last for demonstration purposes and will not be able to place.
4. First puller of a class (except in a pull off) has the option to repull. The decision must be made prior to unhooking from the sled and the puller will repull in 2nd or 3rd position.
5. During hookup, tractor must be in neutral and driver’s hands and feet must be off controls.
6. Hooker / unhooker must stand behind the ‘apron’ to hook / unhook tractor.
7. Track width is 16 feet.
8. Puller must be available prior to pull.
9. Absolutely no jerking of sled at start of pull.
10 .Puller has 25 feet to restart.
11. Torque amplifiers may not be shifted while pulling.
12. Tractors may not exceed a designated maxi mum speed limit. (currently 4.5 mph but this may be changed if conditions justify it.) The first time the horn blows is a warning and the second time
is the end of the pull (distance determined at this point).
1. No association with drugs or alcohol.
2. No passengers on tractor.
3. Driver must remain seated during pull.
4. Driver must be at least 16 years of age. If under 18 years of age, written authorization of a parentor legal guardian is required.
5. Operator must be in attendance at tractor when it is running.
6. Driver must wear closed toed footwear.
7. Driver must wear a DOT approved helmet (or a higher rated helmet) and must use the chin strap.
1. Tractor must be stock (not modified). This includes having the proper and complete front end assemblies and fenders (if originally equipped with fenders).
2. Tires may be “loaded” and wheel weights are al lowed but not suitcase weights.
3. No strings attached to governor or carburetor.
4. Maximum tire size allowed is 38” diameter. Only rubber tires are allowed. The use of radial tires as well as any cut tires is discouraged as they are not consistent with antique tractors.
5. Drawbar
a) All tractors must have a drawbar. If none, the tractor must enter one weight class higher.
b) Maximum height is 20 inches and must be rigid in all directions. Maximum height is 18inches for tractors in the 2700 lb class.
c) Minimum 30 inches measured horizontally from point of pull to center of rear axle. (allowance may be made for factory drawbars less than 30”)
Tractors will pull in the following weight classes:
1) 2700 lb. with rims 28” and smaller
2) 3500 lb. with rims 28” and smaller
3) 4000 lb.
4) 4500 lb.
5) 5500 lb.
6) 6500 lb.
7) 7600 lb.
8) 9000 lb.
Revised April 11, 2018 (revisions are indicated BOLD)

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